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Bodyguards have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Their main priority is the safety of the people they are watching. But mind you, they are putting their lives on the line while protecting their clients. That's how important their job is, and a lot of people would invest in their services no matter what the price.

Most of the time, bodyguards work for high-profile individuals such as celebrities, politicians, corporate leaders, business executives, prominent personalities, and people who are at risk of getting attacked. If you are looking to hire a personal bodyguard, we have the right services for you. We are ready to provide you with bodyguards who will accompany you to unsafe places or public events. They will make sure that you are safe wherever you go.

Whether they work alone or are members of security teams, bodyguards are always at their clients' side. They observe the surroundings and make sure that emergencies are kept under control. This is the reason why our bodyguard services have the proper equipment to help our bodyguards do their job. With the proper training and certification, they can carry electrical devices or firearms and use them if the situation calls for it.

The Bodyguard Services We Offer

If you want to hire a bodyguard, we offer a wide range of services for you to choose. But some of the popular choices are the following:

Personal Protection

This service is useful for clients who have stalkers or are likely to be attacked after receiving death threats. Bodyguards for personal protection are necessary, especially when you are in public places. They will be with you 24/7, including on weekends and holidays. Although it can be annoying sometimes to have them around all the time, we just want to make sure that our bodyguards keep you safe whenever and wherever you go. For your information, these are the basic responsibilities of a personal bodyguard.

  • Be attentive and stay alert
  • Identify safe routes and back-up roads for traveling
  • Keep clients safe without compromising their privacy and identity
  • Have different styles of protecting clients
  • Keep an eye on children to avoid instances of kidnapping
  • Respond to emergencies right away

Executive Protection

Some of the people who need security details are from the business and private sectors. Because of their money, they potentially attract felons who may attract them. Oftentimes, high-profile businesspeople are vulnerable to such dangers whenever they go out for meetings or delivering sensitive and confidential materials.

This is the reason why our bodyguards for executive protection come in handy. Their job is important since they ensure that the people they are looking after are out of harm's way. With their knowledge and skills, executive bodyguards provide security during special events, travels, labor disputes, and even hostile situations.

  • Stay focused at all times
  • Observe surroundings and have visual for potential attackers
  • Conduct an initial check at venues where clients are scheduled to go
  • Check vehicles for explosive devices
  • Drive executive clients to and from locations
  • Provide security protection during personal travels of clients

VIP Protection

If there is one type of people who require bodyguards, they are celebrities. They are actors, singers, bands, world leaders, as well as political leaders and candidates. With that in mind, our bodyguards for VIP protection provide specialized security details for famous people. They will protect clients from disrespectful media, paparazzi, obsessed fans, stalkers, and other potential dangers. Other common tasks of VIP protection bodyguards are the following:

  • Provide impenetrable defense for better security
  • Stay beside clients wherever they go
  • Escort them to scheduled meetings and dinners
  • Accompany celebrities to special events
  • Conduct a thorough check at public venues where clients will perform
  • Prevent people from getting near the famous people

How To Choose Your Bodyguards

We have given you the types of bodyguard services we offer. But with several professionals working for us, it can be challenging to choose which bodyguards suit your preferences. You don’t only look at their body characteristics but also their skills and experiences. To make it easy, here are the important things you need to check when choosing your bodyguards.

  • Physically fit to ensure that they are can provide the proper defense and security protection
  • Has strong communication skills and unparalleled experiences in being a bodyguard
  • Can execute security plans and solve problems
  • Able to respond quickly during emergencies
  • Can work long and demanding shifts
  • Discrete when assigned to sensitive venues
  • Must be loyal and dedicated

We Are Here To Help You!

There you have it. Whatever type of bodyguard services you need, we guarantee to provide them for you. We have bodyguards who are trained to keep you and everyone you love safe. Whether you only need bodyguards for a one-day event or for a long-term assignment, we are always ready to be of your service. Give us a call to know more about services and offers.

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