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Firewatch Services in Long Island, NY.

Fire-related incidents happen a lot of times, and there are many reasons why they occur. Oftentimes, the main culprits of structural fires are carelessness and the lack of knowledge on how to control fire outbreaks. This is why it is extremely important to get firewatch services In some cases, the causes point to other reasons, including smoking, cooking, electrical short circuits, and unattended flammable materials like candles and stoves.

Natural calamities can also result in fire disasters. Unless intentional, business establishments such as firework factories and restaurants have the highest risks of catching fire. Hence, it is important to learn measures on how to prevent fire or avail fire watch services for your commercial or residential properties.

Whether you require a fire alarm system, 24-hour firewatch, or a fire watch security officer, we can provide you with the best solutions for your property's needs. To know more about our offers and other services such as bodyguard, loss prevention, private investigator, or you're just looking for a security guard to hire, you can give us a call today. You will also get a free consultation, which is a great deal to take advantage.

Our Firewatch Services

We offer a wide range of 24-hour firewatch services to clients who wish to avoid getting a fine, or worse, being shut down by fire marshals.

Our services are available for all types of business establishments, school campuses, residential properties, commercial buildings, construction sites, concert venues, just to name a few. We also provide firewatch guard and firewatch patrol to ensure that everything in your property is secured and gets the necessary fire protection it needs.

Our firewatch officers are licensed, which means that have undergone the proper training in dealing with fire. They are also experienced in giving emergency firewatch solutions to clients who are processing their fire protection system or those who have issues with their current system.

Apart from that, we respond to requested emergency services and can send our fire safety team right away. Our team will remain on site until your fire alarm and detection systems are fully functional. However, they will only leave the premises once the fire marshals have thoroughly inspected and approved everything.

The services we offer are top-notch, and we assure that we can provide you with the best quality of service you deserve. In addition to the services mentioned, we also provide the following:

  • Making reports based on clients' given instructions
  • Reporting any fire hazards to the management or property owner
  • Being familiar with areas that fire marshals consider to be fire hazards
  • Patrolling around fire-risked areas once every 30 minutes
  • Letting our firewatch guard to stay on duty until their shift ends

Benefits Of Hiring Firewatch Team

Whoever wants to have their buildings that can easily burn down? Or having a business establishment getting shut down because of poor fire alarm system? No one does, and that is why we are here. Through our firewatch services, we want to make sure that fire incidents can be prevented and will never happen to any of your hard-earned properties. And aside from providing our clients with fire protection services, here are other reasons why hiring our team is essential.

  • Well-trained And Experienced Fire Protection Team - When you decide to get our services, we will definitely give you the ideal team. We will provide you with firewatch guards who have received the best training in fire prevention procedures. You will be confident with the security of your employees and everything inside the building as our security firewatch officers know all the drills during fire-related emergencies. Moreover, they will make sure that they can prevent any chances of fire problems. They will keep a close eye on the working staff and ensure that employees are given passes to enter the restricted areas. The security measure increase safety within the covered areas.
  • Total Coverage - An important thing that a firewatch team should do is to look over the fire-risked places. Sometimes, the smallest mistakes can cause the biggest destruction to the property. To ensure everything is kept safe, every member of our fire protection team is going to inspect all the premises. They will also be appointed to areas that can easily catch fire. Our firewatch patrol guards will not only provide security measures every day, but they will also operate the equipment once a fire emergency breaks.
  • Right Tools And Equipment - Of course, we wouldn't be able to work effectively without the proper tools and equipment. We will install high-quality fire safety devices to safeguard all the premises of your property. We have smoke detectors that automatically trigger the sprinklers once a fire is detected. We also assure that our fire system activates the alarm when there is fire, alerting everyone to vacate the place and go to a safer area.

We Want To Help You!

So, are you looking for firewatch services? Then look no further than us. We cater to all types of properties. Whatever fire prevention measures or firewatch programs you need, we are always available to help you. Please don't hesitate to call us and get our free consultation. Our firewatch services, firewatch security officers, and other fire prevention solutions are comprehensive, effective, and best of all, affordable.

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