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Security Guard For Hire in Long Island NY

Looking for security guards for hire in Long Island, NY? Our security guards are the first line of defense of business establishments and exclusive residential communities. They inspect people who go in and out of the premises. They make sure that they stop potential threats from entering the properties. They serve to protect others before themselves. We know how they are in a society that’s why we offer our security guard for hire services for your businesses’ needs.

Once you get our security for hire services, we are ready to be on duty. We will protect your commercial properties and make sure that no one is carrying dangerous weapons or bringing illegal substances inside. If you have events and are looking to hire a security guard, we offer the best security services such as loss prevention, bodyguard, private investigator, firewatch, and many other services.

A Choice Between Unarmed And Armed Security Guards

We take pride in our security guards who are trained to do a thorough inspection, familiarize people, make quick responses, as well as to detect hazards and threats. They also have certification to carry firearms, which they can use during life-threatening situations. But we also provide unarmed security guards if you request for it.

Unarmed Security Guards

Security guards don't have to carry firearms all the time. Some venues only require unarmed security guards like schools, universities, libraries, and department stores. Such places need security personnel at the entrance where they can inspect people before entering the premises and stop unauthorized activities without making so much commotion. For example, unarmed security guards can deter vandalism, loitering, unauthorized parking, trespassing, and shoplifting.

This type of security for hire is common for low-risked business establishments and residential buildings. People also consider unarmed guards an ideal choice because they show a more approachable and friendlier disposition. Although they don't carry any type of firearms, they are physically fit and have undergone training in various martial arts and self-defense moves.

Armed Security Guards

But of course, armed security guards are more preferred nowadays, especially when there have been so many reported cases of burglary along with shooting incidents. Guards with firearms provide more security and protection against potential threats. This type of service is recommended for businesses that are at risk of being robbed, including banks, pawnshops, and jewelry stores. It also includes buildings that may be targets of terrorist attacks and vulnerable facilities with a lax security presence. Moreover, armed security guards are necessary for neighborhoods where illegal activities are prevalent.

Security guards who carry firearms pose a formidable defense against unlawful individuals. They are trained to use such weapons and have the certification to utilize them when necessary. Aside from their knowledge in using guns, they also know when they need to use them. Armed guards have the right temperament, which is important as it prevents the use of guns carelessly. It is the reason why you need to hire a reliable security service; it ensures that you have professional security guards.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We have a lot of competitors who are vying to get your attention. We are not alone in this business of security guard for hire, but we want you to avail our services. Why? We give you three reasons.

  • Crowd Control And Management - Security guards are not only tasked to secure the premises, but they also have the job to control the crowd outside the establishments. This is especially helpful during sales whenever a lot of people flock to the stores, taking advantage of low-priced items. Another instance when security guards need their skills on crowd management is during concerts and music festivals. Such events attract so many persons, and security guards have the important task to inspect each individual attending the occasion. Good thing our professionals are ready to take on these situations.
  • Open Lines To Emergency Services - One of the reasons why you should hire us is that we have established communication channels to the police department, local fire department, and medical emergencies. Our security guards are trained to contact the appropriate emergency line when the situation calls for it. They have familiarized the contact details to ask for help and assistance immediately.
  • Use Of Surveillance Equipment With Access Control - Our security guards don't only have the skills and experiences in guarding the premises, but they also know how to surveillance equipment. Once they get their hands on your security system, they have much better access control on people going in and out of the properties. Furthermore, you feel confident that your security details will be difficult to penetrate. If you are looking for this in a security company, then we deserve to be one of your top choices.

We Are Your Top Choice!

We know how important the security of your business is. And for that reason, we want to be of your service. We assure you that we provide highly trained security guards to look after your properties. We also have comprehensive services you can avail any time. So, don’t take your chances. Have that peace of mind with our professional guards. Give us a call, and we’ll talk about what you need and what we are capable of providing.

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